The Monkey Mum bed rail guards ensures safe and peaceful sleep for the whole family

A bed rail guards is a useful and practical thing that often becomes one of the most necessary household safety devices for parents of small children. Which bed rail to choose? In the article, I have prepared a tip for a practical and original Monkey Mum bed rail guards, thanks to which you can all sleep comfortably in one large bed.

Bed rail guards Monkeymum


Who is the bed rail guards suitable for?

The bed rail guards will be appreciated by parents of small children who let their children sleep in their bed. I used the bed rail guards myself. You attach the bed rail guards to the bed frame, place the mattress on it, and you are sure that the child will not fall out of your bed at night. It will also serve during daytime sleep. Getting a good quality bed rail guards is important to ensure that the bed rail guards does not get destroyed during use and that it will hold up well. Some cheap bed rails are too low (for example, the Ikea rail that attaches to a child’s bed is too low and the child can fall). If you are looking for a bed rail guards for a parent’s bed or for a child’s bed in a children’s room, which will be high enough, you can purchase a child bed rail guards for the bed, which does not require any professional installation and will not permanently disturb the bed – no screws are needed.

Experience with a bed rail guards

When I used the bed rail guards on the bed, I appreciated that the baby was safe and couldn’t fall out of the bed. A newborn cannot move, but a child around four months of age can easily fall out of bed by rolling over from his back to his tummy. Some children are very handy and roll barrels, trying to get away from where they are lying, day or night. And that is dangerous. At the same time, some children do not want to sleep in their own bed and require to sleep with their parents. The bed rail guards saved me from having to worry about the baby falling off the big bed. After that, we used the bed rail guards on the bed in the children’s room as a safety device so that the child does not fall out of his own bed. I easily attached the bed rail guards to the grate without tools and removed it again easily. I had her attached to two completely different beds. It served us well, we used it for several years.

The bed rail guards Monkey Mum

The Monkey Mum bed rail guards meets all requirements for a modern and bed rail guards for children’s and parents’ beds. It is durable, safe, high enough, easy to attach to the bed frame and easy to remove. I appreciate this very much. Another great advantage is that you can combine the bed rail guards with each other – one bed rail guards can be attached to each side of the bed. You can turn an ordinary large bed into a safe bed for a small child.

The bed rail guards is easy to maintain, you can choose from several different designs and lengths. You will create a safe bed according to your imagination. The advantage of these bed rails guards is also the favorable price and the offer of various models.

Height85-100 cm80-95 cm71-95 cm
Drilling to the bedNONOYES
Load Capacity30 kg25 kg20 kg

The bed rail guards Monkey Mum review

The most popular are the Popular Monkey Mum bed rail guards, which you can buy with a length of 90 – 200 cm and a height of 80 – 95 cm. Monkey Mum Popular bed rail guards are light, strong and breathable. They have a triple safety lock and are attached to the bed without screws. They are storable and you can also use them for traveling with children. They have a CE certificate and are safe according to EU standards. The material on the bed rail guards does not catch hair. When choosing the length of the bed rail guards, you can choose a length of 10 centimeters, i.e. 90 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm, 120 cm up to 200 cm. The price is the same regardless of length. The bed rails guards are available in a dark gray version. If you’d prefer a light gray option, check out the Monkey Mum Premium bars. Attention: The Economy variant must be screwed to the bed.

Zábrana na postel Monkey Mum zajistí bezpečný a klidný spánek celé rodině
The Monkey Mum bed rail ensures safe and peaceful sleep for the whole family

Each bed rail guards can be easily pulled down, even when attached to the bed, for easy getting in and out of bed. You can connect the bed rails guards together to create a safe enclosure for playing or for a peaceful sleep. When you buy two or more pieces of bed rails guards, you will automatically receive the necessary number of connectors with which you can connect the bed rails guards together. If you are not sure whether the bed rails guards will fit your bed, you can ask directly in the e-shop whether the bed rails guards are the right ones for your bed.


  • Fabric: 100% polyester
  • Mesh fabric: 100% polyester
  • Accessories: iron pipes, PP plastic parts, EPE soft parts

Where do you buy the bed rail guards?

You can buy the safety bed rail guards bed directly in e-shop In the e-shop you can choose other beautiful goods for babies – toys, clothes for mothers, shoes, products for packaging-free household, children’s cosmetics, baby equipment.


Monkey Mum bed rail (Popular and Premium)

The Monkey Mum bed rail looks very nice and fits into any modern home. It is easily attached to the grate without the need for tools and can be attached by anyone. You can attach several barriers to one bed and create a completely safe space for a small child to sleep and play. The barrier can be easily moved from one bed to another.

Price-quality ratio
How it looks in the interior
Quality workmanship
  • A large selection of different barriers
  • Easy to attach
  • Easy to maintain
  • Several barriers can be attached to one bed
  • Good price
  • Various color designs
  • Nice design
  • Suitable for a regular bed (Ikea, Sconto, custom) that has a mattress and a slat.
  • Easy handling and fixing
  • Nothing
Bed rail guards Monkeymum




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