Be Lenka Icon barefoot shoes review

I have Barefoot shoes Be Lenka Icon in black as a full replacement for formal shoes. The shoes are suitable for both skirts and trousers and perform their function perfectly.



Be Lenka Icon Review

For me, these are Be Lenka Icon the best of autumn or spring barefoot shoes I have ever tried. Ankle boots are labelled as year-round, but you will use them most often from autumn to spring. They make for a perfect look, generous space for the feet, beautiful material and honest design. The shoes go well with skirts and trousers. In short, Be Lenka Icon are timeless shoes that can only be applauded.

Appearance, material and size

Ankle boots offer maximum comfort. The lacing is threaded into three holes. They are a great companion in bad weather and you can comfortably spend the whole day in the office and at school. They can be worn with suits, trousers and skirts. Barefoot shoes are made of nice soft leather. My black shoes are made of smooth leather (smooth, soft, not suede) and are easy to clean. The shoes are also available in vegan design.

Recenze barefoot bot Be Lenka Icon
Review Be Lenka Icon barefoot shoes

The 4 millimetre thick sole guarantees comfort every step of the way. After the period of use, the shoes are still nice to walk on. Shoes are more expensive, but they last a long time. I was looking for formal barefoot shoes that go to the office and then immediately to the cinema, theatre or just for a walk. The Be Lenka Icon barefoot shoe model fulfils all of this. The cut is wide, the toes have enough space. Women’s and men’s barefoot shoes are suitable for normal and wider feet, they are appreciated by both men and women.

Recenze barefoot bot Be Lenka Icon
Review Be Lenka Icon barefoot shoes

These barefoot shoes are not intended for sports. They are suitable for walking, work and school.


Comfort and convenience

The shoes offer incredible comfort and convenience, fit wonderfully. They are soft, wide enough. Low socks or tights are suitable for shoes. The shoes are soft and can be worn without socks. Handmade shoes from the Czech Republic offer perfect quality.

How to choose the right size

I was worried about the choice of size. Classically my shoe size is 40 and I didn’t know what shoes would fit me. You can check your size in the size chart in the e-shop I took size 40 as usually. The shoes fit perfectly.


Where to buy barefoot shoes

In the e-shop you’ll find wonderful barefoot shoes – Be Lenka City, Be Lenka Icon, Be Lenka Champ, Be Lenka Prime. There are many types, also sizes. You can buy shoes from size 33 (also for older children) or 36 to size 47. The models are unisex – suitable for women and men.


Barefoot shoes Be Lenka Icon

Beautiful and comfortable shoes you will appreciate even in bad weather. Generous toe space, comfort for the foot and ingenious design make barefoot shoes premium quality. They go with skirts and trousers, have a flexible sole that doesn’t cut into pebbles, and are built to last. Walking shoes are not meant for sports.

Price-performance ratio
Material quality
Execution quality
Size – as it corresponds
Shoe width – is it wide?
  • Very comfortable
  • Also suitable for a wider leg
  • The size fits
  • Nice material
  • Made in Czech Republic
  • Good to clean
  • They look elegant
  • Great value for money
  • Nothing


Free return and exchange of your goods

Have you bought shoes in e-shop and the shoes do not fit you? Take advantage of free return and exchange of your goods. You can find more information here.

I wish you a good choice. 🙂



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