Barefoot sneakers Barebarics Zing review

The brand new model of Barebarics shoes fascinated me with its shape. The shoe is properly wide in the area of the toes, but at the same time it does not pull out and fits perfectly on the foot. In the article, I prepared a review of stylish barefoot shoes Barebarics Zing.


Barebarics Zing by Be Lenka

Barefoot shoes Barebarics Zing were created under the wings of the Slovak brand barefoot shoes Be Lenka. Women’s and men’s barefoot shoes have an interesting cut and you can buy them in beautiful color combinations – white with beige, white with blue and white with black. All color combinations look very nice. The shoes are suitable for leggings or trousers, are comfortable and walk beautifully. They can hardly smell on the leg.

The design is high quality. The shoes have small details, including a logo on the sole, a detail on the tongue or a logo on the back of the shoe. I was fascinated by the cork-lined insole with a red border. This detail is very suitable for shoes.

Recenze barefoot bot Barebarics Zing
Barefoot sneakers Barebarics Zing review

Appearance, material and size

The all year barefoot shoes are vegan and are made of quality fabric and vegan leather. The shoe is rounded (you will also see it in the video below), so it offers generous space for the toes. I’m used to barefoot shoes and the width of the shoes in the toe area surprised me. Thanks to their cut, the shoes are very comfortable, spacious and if you spend the whole day in them, you will be extremely satisfied. They don’t push anywhere, their fingers have enough space.

Recenze barefoot bot Barebarics Zing
Barefoot sneakers Barebarics Zing review

These shoes are unisex, which means that they are suitable for both men and women. You can buy them from size No. 36 to size No. 47. I ordered the shoes in the size I am used to (size 40) and the size fit me well. I expected an oversize of 1.2 cm.

The sole has 0.4 mm without protrusions and without a removable insole. The upper of the shoe is made of durable textile (microfiber and polyester), the lining is textile, the insole is made of polyurethane foam with a cork layer, the sole is rubber. The shoes have zero cant between the heel and the toe.


Comfort and convenience

Barefoot shoes fit well on a normal leg, on a wider leg and also on a leg with a higher instep. The shoes are lacing and the shoelace can be loosened and tightened well. They are quite wide in the finger area, so the fingers have plenty of space.

Recenze barefoot bot Barebarics Zing
Barefoot sneakers Barebarics Zing review

How to choose a size

Don’t know how big shoes to choose? Take a look directly at the e-shop website, where you can download and print a foot measurement template. Print the template. Make sure the ruler on the template actually matches 5 centimeters. Shoes No. 40 weigh less than 300 grams (you will see in the video).

Recenze barefoot bot Barebarics Zing
Barefoot sneakers Barebarics Zing review

Size chart

SizeWidth Length


Where to buy barefoot shoes

You can buy Barefoot Zing shoes in the online store, where you can choose from a wide range of other models that are also beautiful (for example, the Zoom All Black or Zoom All White model). Home delivery is free. And if your shoe size doesn’t fit you, you can return the shoes for free.


Barebarics Zing barefoot sneakers

Barebarics Zing barefoot shoes for women and men are unisex. It sits well on the foot, the toe box is wide enough. The shoes are easy to put on and take off again, they are suitable for both normal and wide legs. The shoe is light, flexible and comfortable to wear. The insole can be removed.

Price-performance ratio
Material quality
Quality of execution
Size – as it corresponds
Shoe width – is it wide?
  • Very convenient
  • Also suitable for a wider leg
  • The size fits
  • Nice material
  • Elastic sole
  • Made in Europe (Portugal)
  • Removable insole
  • High-quality materials
  • Nothing

I wish you a good choice. 🙂



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