Barefoot shoes Be Lenka Bellissima review (Ballet Flats)

I fell in love with barefoot ballet flats Be Lenka Bellissima at first sight. In fact, they are even nicer than in the photo. I was interested in premium material and quality of workmanship. The shoes are beautiful. I have no words. I wrote down my impressions and advice when choosing the size of women’s summer barefoot shoes in a review.


Be Lenka Bellissima

You can buy the summer barefoot ballet flats Be Lenka Bellissima in two colors – in black (all black) and also in nude pink. I couldn’t decide which ones were nicer, and in the end I chose black. Women’s barefoot summer shoes have a beautiful cut, are spacious and look elegant – suitable for skirts, leggings and trousers.

Recenze barefoot bot Be Lenka Bellissima
Barefoot shoes Be Lenka Bellissima reviews (Ballet Flats)

The design is very good (I was first interested). The leather is sewn on the heel, thanks to which the shoe does not take off and at the same time the shoes are like slippers. There is no need to wear nylons in them. They don’t strangle or push anywhere. I really appreciate that. The shoes have a removable insole, which is great. This makes them soft and even more comfortable. You can see how the shoes look and how the insole is removed in the video (see below). The sole without protrusions is 4 mm.

Appearance, material and size

Barefoot summer shoes are low, they have an elegant cut that suits everything. In the black version, they are inconspicuous, but at the same time they attract with their beautiful cut. The material is beautiful. I like the way the leather is soft, matte and looks luxurious. The heel is secured with sewn leather (as I wrote above) and also the elastic bands, which are located on the side. At the front of the instep, a small rubber band is sewn on the bottom, which ensures sufficient comfort.

For this type of shoe (now I’m writing purely for myself) the size does not correspond to the one I am used to. I normally wear size 40 shoes. For the Lenka Bellissima model, I would need a smaller number (39).


Comfort and convenience

The shoes are as comfortable as if you had soft slippers on your foot. They are suitable for normal and wider leg. If you have a narrow heel, then a narrow heel is not a problem. I also have a narrow heel and at this point the shoes do not take off thanks to the sewn leather.

Recenze barefoot bot Be Lenka Bellissima
Barefoot shoes Be Lenka Bellissima reviews (Ballet Flats)

How to choose the right size

You can check your size in the size chart in the e-shop I classically wear size 40 shoes, but these ballerinas are rather larger for me in size 40 and next time I would take a smaller size, 39.

Size chart

SizeWidth Length


Where to buy barefoot shoes

In the e-shop you’ll find wonderful barefoot shoes. You can choose from several beautiful models – Be Lenka Bellissima (these black ones), the nice Be Lenka Harmony and the beautiful Sophie. The shoes are gorgeous, comfortable. They made me very happy. 🙂


Recenze barefoot bot Be Lenka Bellissima

Barefoot shoes Be Lenka Bellissima reviews (Ballet Flats)

Free return and exchange of your goods

Have you bought shoes in e-shop and the shoes do not fit you? Take advantage of free return and exchange of your goods. You can find more information here.

Be Lenka Bellissima reviews (Ballet Flats)

Beautiful and comfortable ballerinas are suitable for trousers, leggings and skirts. You can carry them to the city and also to society. The shoes are comfortable as slippers, the cut is elegant, interesting and the shoes are honestly sewn. The material is soft, matte, luxurious. If I could, I would give the barefoot ballerinas a rating of 11 instead of 10. 🙂

Price-performance ratio
Material quality
Execution quality
Size – as it corresponds
Shoe width – is it wide?
  • The shoes are beautiful – nicer than in the photo.
  • He holds his leg beautifully.
  • It fits great.
  • The material is luxurious – soft, matte, high quality.
  • Elegant
  • They can be worn with skirts or trousers.
  • They look elegant
  • Great value for money
  • Be careful when choosing a size (I usually have a size 40, but I would choose a smaller number here).

I wish you a good choice. 🙂



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